Are you going to be all American and say YOU CAN DO IT?

Co-creating with your team is an important part of leadership and creating cultures that are engaged. Employee loyalty is earned by seeing an employee for who they are and allowing them to embrace their best self. As a leader, you need to be curious and learn from your team. Embracing differences in individuals and cultures is critical to designing your success.

Emerging from the Covid-19 Bunker…

Your colleagues, your employees, your customers – they are all learning and surviving in their own way. Many are frustrated not knowing what’s next, feeling like they can’t even see two feet in front of them. Others are determined to find passion in their work and their life, to marry what they have learned during this time with everything they “knew” pre-covid-19. For some, there’s a knowing that something needs to be different but a deep frustration of not being able to identify what that is. For almost all, there’s an audible sigh of pure, unadulterated tiredness.