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Our mission is to be the catalyst that helps you connect to your inner spark so that you and your organization can fuel your fire

Our Mission

At Livthentic ™, we believe that life is too short to be successful and not enjoy it. We recognize that you are a person with a multi-faceted life that includes career, family, friends, health, hobbies, finances, and important choices like where you live. We want to help you connect to what is uniquely important to you and/or, in the case of organizations, your employees so that you can feel your spark – and leave us knowing how to keep building those flames of inspiration!

Our Structure & Reach

We at Livthentic ™ believe in customized approaches to meet the needs of our unique clients and are partnered with many other experts in various fields to bring you a unique, powerful team to serve your needs for each program or service. To be the first to learn about our upcoming collaborations and programs, make sure you subscribe as there are sparks flying in the air here!

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Our Roots

Hi, I’m Jenn Paster Detmer, the founder of Livthentic!

I’m an executive that decided to climb a tree instead of the ladder.  I am a mother, a wife, a writer, a painter, and an adventurer who loves travel.  I’m a coffee addict who plans my turtle speed jogs so I can hit my favorite coffee shops on the way back.  I’m an American transplant living in London that still prefers an “o” to an “ou” and a “z” to an “s” (though I read British pretty well these days).  I have a strong appetite for new experiences that is often paired with a course of fear, which results in a sweet and savory combination of amazing adventures and wonderful celebrations!   I was born in Philadelphia, PA in the USA, which means that that I started my life drinking “wooder” [water] and swimming in the “crick” [creek].

Jennifer Paster Detmer, MBA

I’ve learned that “ going for a cuppa” is British speak for “I need to talk” and even when you think you know a language, you don’t truly know it until you’ve lived it.  I have experienced motherhood with two children that declared a war on sleep while two parents worked demanding corporate jobs, moving abroad with two toddlers under the age of four, and searching for an accidentally dropped baby doll “Jenna” minutes before we had to board a plane (multiple times. She’s a “cheeky little baby” as my now very British sounding four year-old would say).

I have doubted my value even after closing deals worth billions of dollars and launching products with similar results – only to realize I needed to work on me, not improving outcomes. I have alienated team members and completely flubbed my first discussion with the CEO early in my career, and navigated a long journey of learning to leave my last company managing large, global, cross-functional teams and working with and being part of the highest levels of management. I have negotiated a way of working that meant letting go of visibility as a symbol of productivity, untethered myself from a corporate role and a large part of my then identity, been the only woman at the negotiation table, and experienced decent proposals and indecent proposals even after everyone “knew better.” I have launched my own business then doubted myself despite success, returned to corporate, and then realized I can and will do it again – and be successful! I know that one thing I can guarantee is that I’ll never get it perfectly right but I’ll be damned if I won’t enjoy the ride and learn something fun along the way.  I know that I can have a life that I love, that wobbles will occur, and that that every “mistake” is my next opportunity.

I’m inspired daily by the unique journeys of those around me. I want to hear your story and celebrate you. And, most of all, I want you to find your spark and design a life you love, and build a team or organization that is inspired, alive, ready to experiment, learn – and be successful.

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