Strategy & Negotation

Through my consulting services I will help you develop strategies that align with your vision and, crucially, can be translated into real-world operational steps. My expertise lies in negotiation, partnering and business development; new product launch strategy; and lifecycle management and pipeline evaluation. Together we’ll focus on finding more pathways to success while reducing risk.

Is this for you?

I regularly work with organizations who are preparing for the launch of a new product in a complicated space, such as vaccines or pharmaceuticals, or have multiple products that require re-investment or funding allocation. I help start-ups looking for financial and technical partnerships, and companies evaluating a new investment opportunity to develop clarity on their needs, a strategic approach to evaluation and negotiation, and operational plans to move forward.

“Jenn has a sharp business brain and is the Chief Spark Finder! Our strategy day was priceless for me, so many new ideas and an emerging thread to take forward.”

Coaching Client

What outcomes can you expect?

Clear targets, priorities, and direction.

Easily identifiable must-haves and no-gos for a negotiation or product launch.
Ability to identify deal terms that create a larger pool so both sides can achieve what they need.

Processes and ways of thinking that maximize your launch curve and team optimization.

Increased revenue.

Working together.

Maybe you just need a one-off consultation to pick my brain or a more extended engagement to get to the route of the issue. If this is the case, we’ll do a current state review of the existing plan and business case, and interview stakeholders. I’ll make recommendations and develop actionable routes to explore. I can help design the team and guide them through the initial steps of the plan, adjusting as we go if needed.

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My Notebook

Authentic Growth & Evolving my Strategy

Authentic Growth & Evolving my Strategy

Business strategy requires focus – and the ability to grow your brand WITH and FOR your clients. Today, I share my authentic growth and brand evolution based on client demand. My services have extended to include both the what and how of strategy and operations – with a focus on people-centered cultures and ways of working to capitalize on my experience running global, cross-functional teams. Learn more about my new brand, what I am changing and why, and how I can serve you.