Authentic Growth & Evolving my Strategy

Sep 12, 2022 | Strategy & Negotation

Growing and changing for and with my clients

I am excited to share my brand new website and branding.  These changes reflect my business today.  Based on client requests, Livthentic™ has evolved from consulting purely on business strategy and operations to now helping companies design people-centered paths to success utilizing coaching, mentoring, team design and organizational culture building.  Thank you to my clients, dear colleagues, and friends who have supported me with their business, referrals, recommendations, feedback, business expansion ideas, and so much more.

So What’s new?
  • The Name.   I’ve fully adopted Livthentic™ as my company name and brand, while Paster J Consulting, LLC remains the official legal entity.  The new name shows our commitment to helping organizations with both the WHAT, HOW, and WHO as I promise to help them develop strategies, operations, and people authentically to be successful.
  • The brand.  The Livthentic™ logo was redesigned to be lightweight to convey the ease and lightness we bring to our clients.  It uses the colors that convey the trust that we’ve built from our years of experience (blue), the clarity and optimism that comes from being people-centered (yellow), and the loyalty and compassion that we continue to bring in service to our clients (pink).  Thanks to Zoe Negus of Zoe Negus Design for this fresh new look.
  • The website: Our new easy to navigate website was also redesigned by Zoe to reflect how we pull from our wealth of knowledge while allowing for non-linear paths to success. The copy was given a much-needed haircut so to speak by the very talented Clare of Opal & Co.  The new layout more easily conveys what Livthentic™ is, why you should use my services, and what types of services I provide.
  • My location.  As I always say in working with coaching clients, you can never separate the personal entirely from the professional.  This year marks a transition for me and my family as we relocate from England back to the USA.  I will continue to serve my amazing global clients from our new location and, of course, travel is the cards again.
  • Greater reach. I now have a few vetted contract associates that I am using on some of my bigger projects, as well as to assist with coverage for my global clients so do get in touch.


On a side note, for my expat coaching clients and followers, I’ll also be sharing more about my personal journey repatriating on my blog so make sure you stay tuned to our blog and/or join our mailing list to hear more.

    What’s not changing?
    • My commitment to my clients.   I will continue to provide you with outstanding service no matter where I am on the globe.   With the use of technology, the ability to travel, and some talented associates, I’m here for you.
    • My services.  My service offering, which has evolved since our start in 2018 to reflect my years of corporate experience in leadership positions to help organizations find success THEIR way.

    Coaching & Mentoring:  For leaders who want to understand what makes them tick so they can love what they do and create sparked teams that work together.

    Teams & Culture:  For teams and organizations that need help with designing who they need on their cross-functional teams and how best to work together for better results.

    Strategy & Negotiation:  For companies looking for help with launch strategy in vaccines/pharmaceuticals, lifecycle management, licensing & acquisition strategy, and the operational planning required to make it happen in real-life.

    • My need for referrals and word-of-mouth recommendations.  A small business like mine is built on performance and reputation and grows largely based on recommendations and referrals.  Please do keep me in mind for your next project or do introduce me to someone that you think could benefit from working with me or my associates.

    If you as a leader, team, or organization need help tackling these topics, do not hesitate to contact Livthentic for an exploratory discussion or schedule directly on calendly. I see your spark and want to help you grow it into a flame. You can also join our mailing list to stay in touch or follow us on Linkedin, Facebook, or Instagram.

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