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I am based between London, UK and West Chester, PA, USA, and I work with clients all over the world.

Jenn Paster Detmer MBA, CPCC, ACC
Livthentic™ Founder

“I found Jenn’s approach engaging, motivating, reaffirming and pushing at the boundaries of my existing ways of thinking. It was incredibly helpful to have defined time and space for reflection, and enabled me to feel increasingly confident and creative in looking to the future. ”

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Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral

Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral

Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral is today. Fifteen countries around the world will lay their monarch to rest. For some of us, today will feel hard. Others might simply feel a bit drained and not know why. And, for some of you, this day will be just another day that you happen to get a holiday (if living in the UK). As a leader, you may notice some of your employees seem disengaged today or in the coming days. So, why do you (or your employees) feel this way and what can you do about ​it? Learn why you are feeling that way and how to cope.

Authentic Growth & Evolving my Strategy

Authentic Growth & Evolving my Strategy

Business strategy requires focus – and the ability to grow your brand WITH and FOR your clients. Today, I share my authentic growth and brand evolution based on client demand. My services have extended to include both the what and how of strategy and operations – with a focus on people-centered cultures and ways of working to capitalize on my experience running global, cross-functional teams. Learn more about my new brand, what I am changing and why, and how I can serve you.