Coaching & Mentoring

Too many of us sacrifice happiness, health, talents or passions in search of a narrow definition of success, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Coaching will help you find the answers that lie within you and access your confident inner leader to take your vision forward. Mentoring lets you draw on my real-world experience to make that vision a reality.

Is this for you?

Many of my clients who have benefited from coaching and mentoring are high achievers who want to feel more alive in their work. In some cases, they climbed to the top of their ladder only to be left wondering if they climbed the right one and become stuck because it feels like there is too much at stake to make a change. Or, having stayed on the straight and narrow they now hear the whisper of their inner rebel wanting to shake things up a bit. They want to find new ways of working that don’t trade-off happiness in their personal life for success, (yes, you can have both!). My clients include leaders and entrepreneurs who need help developing a vision and setting clear goals that work in the real world, and help cutting through the clutter and buzz around decision making.

“I have struggled with stress and anxieties in my personal life, parenting and work. The coaching has helped me feel more secure and alive, grow in confidence and feel more hopeful about my life and my future.”

Coaching Client

What outcomes can you expect?

Clarity around what you really want.

Actionable steps to achieve it in the real-world.

Relaxation, less stress, less noise.

More options, better results, success coupled with joy.

Become the leader, mum, partner or friend you always wanted to be (all parts of you are welcome).

Working together.

A typical program includes a minimum of 6 sessions, 1.5 hours for opening and closing sessions and 1 hour each in between. Coaching takes place online or on site for organizational clients and will be tailored to suit your objectives and timeline. We’ll start with vision and goals, before identifying and making the first steps toward achieving them. We’ll develop techniques to get past any obstacles and maintain your momentum as you break new ground.

Ready for New Adventures?

Take the first step and schedule an introductory call with me to see what you think.

My Notebook

Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral

Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral

Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral is today. Fifteen countries around the world will lay their monarch to rest. For some of us, today will feel hard. Others might simply feel a bit drained and not know why. And, for some of you, this day will be just another day that you happen to get a holiday (if living in the UK). As a leader, you may notice some of your employees seem disengaged today or in the coming days. So, why do you (or your employees) feel this way and what can you do about ​it? Learn why you are feeling that way and how to cope.

Authentic Growth & Evolving my Strategy

Authentic Growth & Evolving my Strategy

Business strategy requires focus – and the ability to grow your brand WITH and FOR your clients. Today, I share my authentic growth and brand evolution based on client demand. My services have extended to include both the what and how of strategy and operations – with a focus on people-centered cultures and ways of working to capitalize on my experience running global, cross-functional teams. Learn more about my new brand, what I am changing and why, and how I can serve you.