Livthentic equals Full Potential

I think life is too short to be successful and not enjoy it. Many of us learn the hard way that success won’t always equal fulfilment across career, family, friends, health, finances and other areas of your life. Yes, you could spend another day going through the motions, but why not throw some kindling on that inner spark, and choose your own intentional path to where you want to be? When you decide to Livthentic™, you, your team or your organization can connect with your true values and drivers, choose meaningful goals and enjoy your own dynamic route to success and fulfilment.

Livthentic™ helps entrepreneurs, leaders, teams and organizations light the spark and fan the flames of exploration, success and fulfilment.

Creating Value the Livthentic Way

Livthentic™ was developed on the basis of a key negotiation principle: value creation versus value claiming. It’s easy to get stuck in value claiming mode, where you feel you have to trade something in order to gain something. Entrenched thinking and well-worn pathways keep us stuck in a rut of sacrifices. Livthentic™ gives you a clear picture of what you want and the obstacles that stand in your way, so you can unlock new opportunities to create value.

My approach combines neuroscience-based professional coaching skills, international negotiation expertise, and executive level business experience that embraces real-world realities.

“Jenn is likeable, warm and empathetic – a superhero armed with positivity, understanding and good humor.”

Coaching Client

Why It Works

By focusing on people first we can inspire them to tap into their unique talents and motivations.
By marrying vision with real-world operations we create inspiring and actionable change.

By exploring your processes we can ensure teams are empowered to think big and solve better.

About Me

Hi, I’m Jenn, an American living in London who decided to climb a tree instead of a ladder. I’ve navigated a career that has taken me to top executive level at a Fortune 500 company then through motherhood, entrepreneurship and back to the corporate world before striking out on my own again.

I have explored many avenues, negotiated a way of working that meant letting go of visibility as a symbol of productivity, untethered myself from a corporate role and a large part of my identity, been the only woman at the negotiation table, and created global best practices for a new product launch that hit $1 billion in one season.

Along the way I’ve learnt that ‘fancy a cuppa?’ is British-speak for ‘I need to talk’ and negotiating multi-million deals can be less mind-bending than negotiating bedtime with two toddlers. I love my career, but I am also a mother, wife, writer, painter, and adventurer who loves to travel, and I make sure I serve those parts of me, too.

Quick confession: I’m a coffee addict who plans my turtle-speed jogs so I can hit my favorite coffee shops on the way back.

I’m inspired daily by the unique journeys of those around me, people stepping out of their lane to discover a new world of possibilities. I want you too to find your spark, and design a life that is full of the sweet and savory flavors of new adventures.


Jenn Paster Detmer MBA, CPCC, ACC
Livthentic Founder

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Coaching & Mentoring

Define a clear vision for your future, and gain the confidence and skills you need to lead you to this new reality.

Teams & Culture

Create ways of working that are people-centered, and achieve results that are better than you ever imagined.

Strategy & Negotation

Develop strategies that align with your vision and, crucially, can be translated into real-world operational steps.