How does it feel to Livthentic?

When you Livthentic™, you are connected with your inner motivations, allowing you to embrace an authentic way of leading and working, choose meaningful goals and enjoy your own dynamic route to success and fulfilment.

Hello, I’m Jenn.

I work with individuals, teams and organizations like you who want to reap the rewards of feeling inspired and alive in their work. Too many of us sacrifice happiness, health, talents or passions in search of a narrow definition of success, but it doesn’t have to be this way. When you Livthentic™, you choose how you lead, balance your goals, and define success. You free yourself from linear ways of thinking that keep you stuck in one lane and you make space for your whole self to show up.

Together we’ll expand your vision, uncover new possibilities and design a way of working that has a positive impact on all areas of your organization – and your life.

Why Livthentic?

Together we can expand your vision and design ways of working that break new ground, welcoming in better outcomes all round.

Coaching & Mentoring

Define a clear vision for your future, and gain the confidence and skills you need to lead you to this new reality.

Teams & Culture

Create ways of working that are people-centered, and achieve results that are better than you ever imagined.

Strategy & Negotation

Develop business strategies that align with your vision and, crucially, can be translated into real-world operational steps.

What Clients think.

“Jenn encouraged me to see things from a different angle. She has made me see that I have choices.”

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