Livthentic™ helps you, your team, and/or your organization embolden your spark.  Live and work with passion.  Stop going through the motions and start moving with fun, inspiration, intention – and success!

Livthentic™ was developed on the basis of a key negotiation principle:  value creation versus value claiming.  If you truly know what you want, and what obstacles are in front of you, there are opportunities to create value – in other words, an even better deal!

Our approach combines neuroscience-based professional coaching skills, international negotiation expertise, and executive level business experience to design with you programs that take into account real-world realities and operational experience.

You do not always have to give something up to gain something.

What are the deals that you, your team, or organization have already made?  Are you stuck in “claiming value” mode where you feel you have to trade something to gain something?  Livthentic ™ can help you figure out what is really important by connecting you to your core values and drivers, look at what obstacles are getting in your way, and and help you develop techniques to get past them!  You, your team, and/or your organization can find your inner spark, make authentic choices, and design a fulfilling life, team, and/or organization that you love!


Our Services for Individuals, Teams, and Organizations

Individual Spark Exploration:  Together, we will find your inner spark so that you can embolden it to make decisions that help you feel more invigorated in life.  Livthentic™ will partner with you to connect you to your unique values so that you can more clearly see what you want and make the choices that are right for you.  We will explore the obstacles that keep getting in your way, help you develop techniques to get past them, and co-create your next steps marrying real-world realities with your personal goals. In the end, we will help you start your personal journey to designing a life you love.   

Purpose-Based Leaders & Entrepreneur Sparked Strategy:  We help purpose-based leaders and organisations change the world while keeping two feet on the ground. Using big picture, long-term thinking, creativity, connection, and real-world experience to help operationalize vision and achieve better results.  Our clients are driven by a want to make the world a better place whether that be through the next scientific discovery to cure cancer, art that inspires inclusiveness and belonging, or driving policy to increase access to education….and more.  We help clients create vision-based strategy, prioritise what they want and what will have impact, and to feel ready to lead and design with their teams.  

Team & Organizational Fire Building:  Through a series of personalized programs, Livthentic™ can help you figure out what’s really important by helping you collect the insights you need to develop your collective vision, look at what road blocks are getting in your way, and help you and your team co-create a way of working and culture that is based in operational realities.  We will partner with you to create value so that your team can feel sparked, invigorated and inspired.  Why not add a little fun into your success?!?

Learn More about our Specialty Tracks (More Details Coming Soon)

  • Ex-Patriate 360°:  Build an ex-patriate program that supports the whole employee and their family for a more impactful and meaningful experience for both the company and the employee.  The outcomes you want require broader thinking than a cost of living calculation.
  • Cross-functional Team Incubator:  The best teams work to build a unique culture that combines their individual flames into a fire.  Teams that have found their spark are excited to come to work, not afraid to try something new, and have figured out how to not only appreciate but how to tap into each other’s unique talents to thrive!
  • Spark Starters:  Talent retention and growth requires fanning the flames early!  Partner with Livthentic ™ for group programs that use executive coaching insights and real-world experience to help professionals in their early to mid-career develop the vision, insights, and skills that can lead to a connected, inspired employee and culture – as well as strong succession planning!
  • Spark Culture:  For organizations that are succeeding but can feel the heavy weight of burn out pulling them down, the sigh of boredom as they repeat the same process, and the cloudiness of being on autopilot.  Work with Livethentic™ to change your culture in a way that honors your unique roots and has you and your employees feeling inspired, motivated, ready to have fun – and be successful!

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