Vision, Motivation& Navigating Change At the Ripe Old Age of 18

Mar 17, 2022 | Speaking & Events

How helping young leaders set flexible vision can lead to greater career and life satisfaction

Aaaaah…. the things I wish I knew then. I am delighted to have been asked to speak and facilitate at the College & Career Institute this June, which will focus on helping young people ages 18 to 21 set their own career and life vision, understand their motivations, and learn how to navigate change. Today, I mostly work with leaders and entrepreneurs that are in the middle to top levels of their career to help them find and embrace their authentic leader within, identify what they want, and, very importantly, develop tools to overcome hurdles so they both define their own version of success and prioritise impactful steps that will allow them to achieve it. In thinking through what I could bring to our young leaders, I could not help but reflect on what a gift it is to focus on these tools at this age. The power of vision, understanding your motivation, and being able to navigate change is unbridled and opens up new dimensions of opportunities to allow you to choose your unique pathway to success.


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