New Year, Same Me, Just Enough.

My daughter reminded me of the importance of the right next step.

 As we enter into a new year, it’s often a time where people consider their goals for the coming year.  I’m not immune.   I’ve dusted off my goals and business plans and looked at them again.   I am a recovering anxiety-driven overachiever – and when I set out with my own business nearly 5 years ago, I was almost crippled by it.  I had a mindset of always needing more for my business… for my kids… for my health.

Today, I ask myself “What’s enough?”

It’s a question that I now ponder daily.  When I really spent the time to look at it, the financials were the easy part.  The hard part was all of the rest of it.  How many clients is enough?  How much time with my kids is enough?  What distance of running is enough?  What size clothing is enough?

I remind myself daily that “I am enough” and that where I am is okay.  I still have goals to hit but it means that I am okay with doing it at a pace that does not exhaust me or leave me feeling like a bystander watching my life play out from outside of my body.  I get to participate and to feel it – and that’s not always easy either but it feels right.  I ask myself “What’s the right next step?”  And, I’m careful to make that singular not plural.

Yesterday I was reminded of the importance of this question yet again. I talked to my two daughters about what activities they wanted to join for the winter/spring term.  My youngest (age 5) was excitedly talking about rock climbing and singing.  My oldest (age 7) looked at me and said “nothing.”  My first reaction was a bit of panic.  You see, as a Mom who is fortunate enough to be able to provide her all of these extras, I want her to have it all.  I want her to enjoy all that her heart desires and to be confident in trying new things, so I did not stop there.  I did the extra check-in with “are you sure you don’t want to try ONE activity?”  She looked at me square in the eyes and said “No.”  She informed me that she just wanted time to play with her “stuffies” (stuffed animals) and disappear into her world of Harry Potter.  And, after giving it a minute to settle in my head, I realized that this girl was wise beyond her years.  She knew what she wanted.  I had to get out of her way and give her the space to let that guide her.  Sports, the arts, cooking… all of it could wait because right now just being a kid playing in her room is enough – and who am I to decide what her desires should be?  Maybe a little imagination, her room, and some space is just the right next step.

So, Happy New Year to you!  I hope you do know what your heart desires – whether it be for business, personal, or all things in between, and my greatest wish for you is that you let yourself get there gently so you can experience every minute of the journey.


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